Hà Nội, Việt Nam
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We are looking for a Senior Operations Management Specialist to become a member of our Operations Department, working directly with the Board of Directors.

We are in need of a person who wants to bring new business value to one of the leading Vietnam E-commerce logistics solutions providers.

At Giaohangtietkiem, you will be responsible for providing objective recommendations to optimize the GHTK operations system and control the delivery service s quality.

You will work as a Senior Operations Management Specialist with key responsibilities as follows :

  • You will supervise GHTK’s daily operations in HN, HCM to ensure the quality of GHTK delivery services;
  • You will lead a team to run new strategic projects received from the Board of Directors in order to upgrade the quality of GHTK delivery services;
  • You will build and manage your team that works well together; Set up KPIs; Support, inspire and motivate the team towards function goals ;
  • You will be responsible for risk management, directly solving problems arising flexibly and quickly, giving necessary measures to improve operations results in the assigned provinces;

You will be a reviewer, propose initiatives to improve and optimize operation processes, technology, ensuring delivery quality while the output scale continues to increase and help GHTK maintain a competitive advantage in the industry.

In this position, you have the chance to work with different departments, such as : Product

Development, IT, Business Development, Customer Service, HR. This chance will help

you to broaden your knowledge, skills, and learn from E-Logistics experts in GHTK.


  • Graduates in majors : Logistics, Supply chain, Economics, Management, Finance, with more than 03 years of experience ;
  • Great management skills with the ability to cooperate well with other people;
  • Operational and systems thinking, decision-making skills to solve unexpected problems in operations at GHTK then provide solutions;
  • Analytical thinking and open-minded thinking for innovation and creativity;

Ability to go on regular business trips to different provinces.


  • Starting Salary : Negotiable and periodically reviewed based on your capacity;
  • A young and dynamic working environment with many promotion opportunities, creating a sustainable career path;
  • Get maximum support to master operations knowledge with additional leadership skill to meet the job’s requirements;
  • Be empowered, self-determined and have enough space for self-development in a typical E-logistics environment;

Welfare regimes in accordance with current Law

Other rewards and promotions on special occasions.

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